More often than not it feels like a reckless decision, but it's too late now. Not that I regret it.
I booked a 3 month return ticket to Hong Kong - having wanted to work there for a few years, now seemed to be the perfect timing to make the move. I had just finished an MA in Broadcast Journalism and had no commitments in London. So I took off, without any guarantees that I'd find any opportunities there.
Hong Kong to me is THE exotic place of Asia, my vague impression of it mostly coming from the works of my favourite filmmaker Wong Kar Wai (In the Mood For Love (2000)Chungking Express (1994)). Street noodle stalls, narrow alleyways, people passing each other in slow motions and vivid colours of red, green and blue... and of course to the soundtrack of Quizas Quizas Quizas by Nat King Cole. I know Hong Kong in the 21st century is nothing like that, but still the romance lingers at least in my imagination.
I packed ALL my summer dresses and skirts that I didn't get to wear in the almost non-existent 'summer' of London... and ended up taking out 7kgs from my luggage at the airport which resulted in a hurried, unceremonious goodbyes with my family.
After 19 hours of travelling including a 7 hour transit in Dubai, here I am, finally, in Xianggang, the 'fragrant harbour'.  The three months of unknown filling me up with both dread and excitement.