A boy playing in front of a local temple.

There were many small Wats (temples) around Bangkok, and the empty parking lot here became a gathering spot for women and a playground for kids.

Father and Son

As I was walking around this small town, I saw him many times going back and forth the same roads he’d ridden before. I think he was taking his little son around the neighbourhood.

An alleyway in Bangkok

I peaked inside open doors and windows whenever I walked through these narrow alleyways. Kitchen utensils, TV, stationaries, clothes.. Everything you’d need in a household would be piled up in every corner of these rooms, as if the whole family was living in one room. They would always be completely dark, without any electric lights.

A young monk

Many young boys in orange could be seen in and around this beautiful white building. Sort of a monk-school, perhaps.


Day 1. 1 October 2015. Bangkok, Thailand